Rewards Program
50 points = Free Admission
How do I earn points?

Concession = 1 point per $1.00
Child and senior tickets all times = 3 points
Adult ticket before 4 p.m. = 3 points
Adult ticket after 4pm = 5 points
How do I register?
Next time you are in to see a movie ask to register a rewards card when you purchase your tickets and snacks. Present a valid ID along with phone number and you will be good to go! *If you are short on time just ask for a rewards card, and come back to this page and follow the link to update information (located above).
What information is required for registration?
Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail and Date of Birth. Don't worry! Your information is safe with us, we will not share or sell your information with/to a third party. The information allows us to keep you up to date on the latest promotions available to our rewards program members.
What all can be done with the rewards card?
Not only does it allow you to earn points towards free stuff it also works as a gift card so you can always have funds available for a night at the movies!
What if I left my card at home?
Don't fret! This is why we ask for the information at registration, we can look you up in a few clicks and make sure you earn your points towards your next reward! *Points can not be added after transactions are completed.
How do I earn points?Easy! Every time you visit hand the cashier your card, as long as your card is registered points will track. 
1 point for every $1.00 spent on concession
3 points for every child and senior ticket
3 points for every adult ticket before 4 p.m.
5 points for every adult ticket after 4pm
How many points until I earn a reward?
Only 50 points, and you can earn them in any combination, over any period of time; points do not expire.
What do I get at 50 points?
You get a FREE Admission! For every 50 points you earn you card will be loaded with a reward for a free admission which will be good for 180 days from the date earned. When your card is swiped the staff will let you know you have a reward and you can decide when to use it (up until the expiration date)
FunTime Cinemas reserves the right to modify or cancel any or all parts of the rewards program at any time.